ID&T GmbH boasts over 27 years of experience in the OptoElectric, Robotics and Industrial Automation sectors.

Thanks to the reputation it has built up, the company has worked with, and continues to work with, some of the most important research institutes (such as CNR and Cern) and universities (NR-Neuchatel, THW-Kt. Zurich , and others).

All this experience has enabled us to become a leader in the field of high-tech laser applications in several sectors such as military, medical, scientific, robotics, industrial automation and aerospace.

The use of these advanced technologies, both in the electronics and mechanical fields, leads to the creation of products of the highest quality even for more simple applications, thereby allowing us to offer unique guarantees for the standard of our products.

The quality is also ensured by the careful selection of our suppliers and sub-contractors, as well as the high technical skills of our own staff.

The different and often highly personalized requirements of our clients mean that our products are no longer standard, but customized to suit individual needs.

We have a worldwide client base with offices and distributors in every continent.

Our experience and success over many years makes ID&T a thoroughly reliable partner for all those companies who wish to distinguish themselves in their own sector by choosing ID&T products.

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8132 Egg (Zurich) Switzerland  

Fax +41 (0)44 994 92 34  


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